Always listen to the lazy man

Here’s a bet: you last unlocked your phone with finger print or your face. If you used pin or pattern, it’s probably because the former failed.

How about the last time you looked up a phone book to find a phone number to call?

Would you boil a pail of water or use a water heater for a shower?

Most people think Home Automation (or smart home) isn’t something for a typical apartment, however that can’t be further from the truth!

Imagine this: it’s 11pm in the evening, you’re laying in your bed, feet tucked beneath the blankets, ready to catch the last episode of “Crash Landing onto You”. Just as you’re about to hit “play”, you realised your fan isn’t on and your lights are annoyingly bright.

Ever wished that you could switch the lights off and fan on without getting out of bed? Well, stop wishing and start reading! I will be putting up my guide on how to home-automate with Xiaomi (trust me, it’s a minefield of confusion), is it wise to taobao 90% of your home furnishing, and areas where it was definitely to save on during renovation

The biggest risk with taobao purchases is quality and durability. The most worse thing about renovation is you only find out certain flaws after it is too late to be fixed.

We’ve already moved in for a good 3 months now, so we are confident tell you what we would have done differently and our best decisions etc.

A colleague of mine (an outstanding engineer) recently reminded me of this saying:

Choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

– said every design engineerSo subscribe or follow, because a foolish man will do things the hard way.

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