Bubble Wrap and Home Automation – what’s the link?

Google Home Hub - House to Smart

Yee Light, Philips Hue, Sonos speakers, Google Home and Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart Things.

What have these got in common?

What is the difference between Smart Device and Home Automaton?

Most people confuse the two. Strictly speaking, they’re not the same. It’s akin to calling an MP3 player “iPod”, food containers “Tupperware”, or calling vacuum cleaners “hoovers”, sticky tapes “scotch tape”… and the list goes on. (Fun little trivia: can you name other brand names that people use as generic terms?)

File:Bubble Wrap.jpg
Get ready to be mind blown: Bubble Wrap is actually a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation! Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

Home Automation vs Smart Home

Smart Devices (or Internet of Things/IoT) applies to almost anything that has WiFi connectivity and that can be controlled with an app. The list of IoT is just growing. There are very useful stuff – connected robot vacuum cleaners that you can schedule to start automatically, storage heaters that you can turn on before getting home, connected air purifiers that sends the air quality data back to your phone – to completely useless stuff, like Kuvée, completely pointless wine bottle lookalike sleeve that dispenses wine from cartridges, like Nespresso capsules, except it is for wine and they only lasts for a month and are expensive.

Home Automation, on the other head, refers to, well, automating your house. The confusion arises because you need Smart Devices to automate your house, but having smart devices doesn’t necessary you have home automation.

Still confused? The keyword here is “automation”. Let try a few examples:
(Remember to continue scrolling down after the quiz.)

Get it now?

Here’s what 1 of the many Automations at home looks like:

Just like unlocking your phone with bio-metrics, once you automate your home, you’ll never want to turn on your lights manually again.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, the lights and fan came on when the door opened. Automatically.

In our next post, we explore the options to create a smart home and automate your home. It may or may not require some electrical re-wiring, so it is important to understand your options. And then, if there’s still time, maybe we can introduce you to some of the more common Smart Devices that can be part of your home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite excited about all these! If you’re enjoying what your read, remember to hit the subscribe button! If you’re not, please leave me a note below so that I can fix it!

See you next time!

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