Are you aware of the minor conveniences that have made a major impact to your everyday life?

In my last post, I talked about the 3 factors that will affect the kind of smart home system you would want to invest in.

Before I feel into this trap deep abyss of home automation and smart home, I’ve always struggled to think of useful examples in everyday life. However, having actually lived in one, we begin to appreciate the convenience it brings whenever we stay over our parents’ place. To help you understand it, consider the following scenarios:

USB Insertion Issues | Know Your Meme

1) Cashless vs cash
2) Face/Touch ID vs passcode
3) Apple lightning connector/USB type C vs the impossible-to-get-it-right-the-first-2-tries USB ports
4) Using your phone as an alarm clock vs dedicated alarm clock
5) Cordless vs cordless vacuum
6) Netflix vs Torrenting

Yes? How annoying is that?! But everything changed since the Apple Lightning Connector was invented, which then pushed USB Implementers Forum to develop the now much better USB type C that fits either way. You may say “but these are small improvements”. True, but try taking away all of these and see how you’ve taken them for granted.

Here’s a list of “minor conveniences” that we now don’t want to life without:

1. LIGHTS AND Exhaust fan for toilet

As mentioned in my previous post, this was the very original use case for home automation. Here’s how it works:

2. No more switches in the wrong position

I hate 2 way switches. They bring convenience, but they are always in the wrong position. With smart switches, you never have to worry about that anymore. Lights can literally be triggered from anywhere, like we’ve done in the bedroom here:

3. Time to sleep

This is used pretty much every day. I’ve never had to walk blind to my bed now, because we have a pre-defined sequence that can turn off all lights from the comfort of the our bed. Another common scene setting that most people use would be a “movie” scene, where the blinds would come down, lights would go off and maybe the projector screen rolls down.


Another one that is used at least twice a day is this: master “off all lights” buttons. We have 2 switches that are configured to turn off all lights in the living room – one for when we are about to leave out home, another for when we are heading back into the bedroom:

I hope this has given you enough ideas for home automation and the benefits of Smart Homes. Next post, we’ll go and explore the 2 main options you can use to achieve these automation.

Bet you are all excited about home automation and smart homes!

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