How to – adding a xiaomi gateway or hub to your home

Hi folks! It’s been a while!

This tutorial video is on adding a Xiaomi gateway! Note that this gateway is also known as a hub, and it is also known as Mijia or MiHome. This is NOT the Aqara hub. We also take you through how to create an account and rename your home!

Adding a hub to your home

Today we finally get to doing some actual smart home set up!

In this video, we use the Mijia (or more commonly known as the Xiaomi) Gateway V2 (model number DGNWG02LM). As seen in the video, it uses the Chinese socket, so you will need an adapter for it. The hub only supports Zigbee device and does not connect to bluetooth.

The reason why I am using this is because I need this to connect to my Aqara wall switches. If you buy an international version hub, you will not be able to add the switches to the hub. The number of compatible devices on the international service is also less extensive and complete than the Chinese server.

So, let’s get on to connect this baby up.

First, make sure the Mi Home app is installed on your phone. You can download it from the Appstore or Google Playstore. Next, ensure that you are connected to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network – lastly, have the Wi-Fi password ready, just in case.

Once installed, launch the app!

You will need an account – create one if you haven’t already done so. Select your local region and choose to use either an email or mobile number. Enter your password and CAPTCHA and submit. Activate your account before heading back into the app to sign in. Don’t worry about the region because we can change this later.

If you’re signing in for the first time, you may notice an empty space at the top left corner. That usually houses the name of your home. To give your home a name, we go to Profile and scroll down to Settings -> tap on Manage Home -> and tap on the name of your current home – which is named after your account number. Set your home name and then tap Save. Wait for the confirmation pop up and you’re done! Next, double check that you’re on the Chinese server by scrolling down to “Region” in the Settings menu. If you’re not, simply tap on Region and switch to Chinese Mainland.

Now, we’re ready to add your very first home automation device! From here, you can either tap on “add device” or the “+ button” at the top right corner, as shown. Tap on the search bar to search for Mi Control Hub. Wait for the screen to load and follow the on screen instructions. This step involves resetting the device, usually by long pressing a button on the device. In this case, press and hold the top button for 5 seconds – the light will start to blink in yellow and an announce will be made in mandarin. Once you hear that, tap on “Operation complete” in your phone, and then next. 

Your Wi-Fi network and password should be automatically populated, if not simply key in the SSID or network name and the password. Next, you need to switch to your phone’s Settings and join the Wi-Fi network that is shown on the app. Head back to the app after the connection is successful. The app will now communicate with the device and the device ill communicate with the cloud. The process may take about 10-20 seconds. If you see the gateway turn blue that means it has completed the previous step successfully. The next steps are quite straight forward and idiot proof – you select a room, rename the device if you wish and then add any friends or family members.

That’s it! As simple as that! Congratulations on your first step to creating a smart home!

In our next episode, we cover how to add child devices and also how to create home automation sequences! If you’ve got any questions, or have a specific video request, please drop us a note! Meanwhile, remember to follow and subscribe. See you next time!

Drop us a note if you’d like to get a hub yourself! In our next episode, we look at how to add devices and create automations! Stay tuned!

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