How to – adding a child device to xiaomi aqara and creating automation

In our previous video we showed you how to install and add a Xiaomi (or Aqara) Gateway.

Today, we show you how to add a child device – in this example, we use the Aqara Motion Sensor.

Adding a motion sensor child devices, how automations work and creating one!

This is a motion sensor. This sensor allows you to turn lights on when someone walks into the room.

To use this, you need to add it to your hub. Tap the “+” symbol and search for “motion sensor”.

There are 2 motion sensors on the list, if you notice. One version is the Xiaomi Motion sensor, while the one I have here in my hand is the Aqara Motion Sensor. The main difference is the Aqara version has a light sensor – i.e. it detects how bright the room is. Just make sure you select the right version during pairing.

For this device, the reset button can be found here. You may need a pen or pointed object to press it. Similar to before, press and hold for 5 seconds. This time, you will see blue lights blinking. Follow on screen instructions are you are ready to go!

Now that you have the sensor added, go on and add other devices such as a light bulb or switch. Once you have that, we can start creating automations. Let’s see how we do that.

The mi home app uses If-Then statements to understand your inputs and the required outputs to be executed. This is how it works:

The IF statement defines the conditions or rules for the command to be triggered

The THEN statement tells the smart home what commands to do execute when the IF is triggered.

Imagine you have a little brother, and you tell him “IF you are well behaved, THEN you will get an ice cream”. Similarly, for your smart home, you can say “if motion is detected in the kitchen, Then turn on Kitchen light”

It’s that simple. Let’s see how we do it in the app.

To go the “Automation” tab and tap on the “+” symbol. Filter by the room or device type if you have multiple devices like me, and select the device the device that will trigger the automation. Here I select the Service Yard motion sensor. Select “Motion Detected”. Next, select the device that will react to this event. Here, I select “Kitchen Light”, and this motion will turn on the left button. Tap Save and select a name if you like, and done!

The light will now come on when you enter your kitchen!

Do I hear a question coming up? Yes! When does the light turn off?

Never! Because we haven’t told it when to!

Using the similar process, let’s now tell when the light should go off. Select the same motion sensor, and choose from No motion detected after 2, 5, 10, 20 or more than 30 minutes, depending on your preference. I find 2 minutes too quick in most real life scenarios, so 5 minutes is the recommended one to start with. You can come back and change this anytime.

Next, select the same switch and tap turn off left button -> Tap save and it done! Congratulations on your first complete automation sequence.

You can also create more complex automation from within the app. For example, you only want the lights to come on at night, and not in the day. You can also select specific days for the automation to run, such as only Mondays and Tuesdays. If you want your automation to behave differently on weekdays and weekends, you will need to create 2 sets of automation – 1 for weekdays, and 1 for weekends.

That’s all folks! I hope that has helped you start on your home automation journey! What’s an automation that you have set up for your home? Share with us, we’re keen to know!

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