How to – Install Yeelight Ceiling, Connect to Remote, Dimmer, and Apps

The Yeelight Ceiling Light is an affordable, sleek and HomeKit compatible Smart Ceiling light. Being HomeKit Compatible makes it easy to work with, especially if you are in the Aqara, Mi Home or HomeKit ecosystem.

Today, we take you through how to physically install the Ceiling Light, connect it to the remote, the dimmer switch (and actually explain how to use it), and finally how to connect it to Apple HomeKit, the Yeelight App and Mi Home app.

Remove the old light

Of course, the first step is to remove your existing light. Remember to cut the power at the circuit breaker. Figure out a way to remove your existing light! We show you how we removed ours in the video.

Remove your existing light before starting installation

Install the Yeelight

Check if the holes on the base of the Yeelight line up with the existing holes on your ceiling. If they don’t line up, you need to make new ones. Mark it out with a pencil and drill away! Next, secure the base unit to the ceiling. Then, insert the wires into the base. They will be marked Live, Neutral, Earth, so wire it up accordingly. To insert wire, press down on the corresponding orange button, push the wire all the way in until it stops, and then let go of the button. Give the wire a slight tug and check that it doesn’t come off. Repeat for the other wires.

Align the holes. Make new ones if needed.

Keep the wires well dressed, otherwise you would have difficulty putting the main unit on. To install the main unit, push against the light base and you should hear ½ snaps. Check that it is secured.

Now you’re ready to test the light. Turn on the power again at the circuit breaker, and then turn on the switch. The light should come on.


Now let’s pair the remote. This is an optional step – the light can be connected to the app with or without the remote.

Pairing the remote

First, remove the battery cover. Then, remove the plastic tab. Turn the light on at the mains, then press and hold both the “OFF” and “M” buttons on the remote for about 5 seconds. The red LED on the remote should blink briefly. The light at this point should also start to “Breathe”.  The pairing is complete once the breathing stops. You can adjust the brightness, colour and toggle night mode on the remote.

Dimmer Switch

A brand new, out of box dimmer switch.

To pair the dimmer switch, first remove the plastic sheet again. Turn the light off and turn it on again. The pairing needs to be completed within 60 seconds of turning the light on. On the dimmer switch, press and hold the pair button for 3-4 seconds. The LED should start flashing, followed by the light. Pairing is successful once the light stops breathing. Here’s how you use the dimmer switch:

  • Single click to turn the light on
  • Spin the knob to adjust the brightness
  • Push AND spin to adjust the colour
  • Double click to toggle night mode – perfect if you don’t want to wake anyone up in the room
  • Single click to off!

App, HomeKit and more

Connecting to HomeKit or the Apps

Next, to connect to the app, you need either the Mi Home App, Yee light app or Home Kit. The sequence does not matter. Here I show the pairing using Home Kit. Ensure the light is on and scan the QR code. Enter the accessory details as you wish. It now works with HomeKit but night mode is not available on Home Kit. You need the Yee light or Mi Home app for that. Pop over to the Yee light app and click on add accessory. Select “Add accessories from Home” and then select the light. Tap on Done and it will now show up on your app. If you also open the Mi Home app now you will see it in there, too.

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