Did your Mi Hub or Gateway stop working out of the blue? Here’s a possible fix.

Update: If you’re using iOS, before sure to check if you have “Local Network” enable in settings.

Original post:

So I went home to business as usual yesterday afternoon. Nothing seems off. However 10 minutes in, I noticed something weird. My automations weren’t working. Thinking this could be a network issue, I checked the connection on my other devices like my Google Home. All seems fine.

Therefore I pulled up the Mi Home app in an attempt to figure out what’s wrong. True enough, the gateway was offline. Strange, I thought. Turning it off and back on got the blue light blinking – that means it’s not able to connect to WiFi. I tried to reset it (here’s how) but it just wouldn’t! Confused, I left it for a few hours (had to head out at this point).


When I got home later that evening I decided to check if there was an update for the Mi Home app – indeed there was! And that solved the problem, thankfully. So, if you haven’t got your app to auto update to the latest version, and your hub is offline, you’d want to check your app/Google play store.

This continues to be the downside of smart home. Every once in a while something gets updated, something breaks, and it requires troubleshooting.

We’re you affected by the outage like us? Let us know in the comments below!

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