From setting up your smart home hub to replacing wall switches, look through our tutorial section if you’re lost!


How to – installing an aqara wired smart switch

We showed you how to add a wireless child device previously. Today, we show you how to install an Aqara wall switch. This is probably one of the most difficult devices to install in most homes, yet in my opinion is the most important one. It is difficult because it requires a neutral wire to be pulled through, which in

How to – adding a child device to xiaomi aqara and creating automation

In our previous video we showed you how to install and add a Xiaomi (or Aqara) Gateway. Today, we show you how to add a child device – in this example, we use the Aqara Motion Sensor. This is a motion sensor. This sensor allows you to turn lights on when someone walks into the room. To use this, you

How to – adding a xiaomi gateway or hub to your home

Hi folks! It’s been a while! This tutorial video is on adding a Xiaomi gateway! Note that this gateway is also known as a hub, and it is also known as Mijia or MiHome. This is NOT the Aqara hub. We also take you through how to create an account and rename your home! Today we finally get to doing